Track and score daily progress with personal online dashboard (goal is 100 points per week).

What makes the 21 Day Challenge so effective is the personal-progress dashboard (also a Smartphone and Tablet app). When an action is completed, participants earn the points assigned to that action. Each week, their score starts at 0 and moves toward 100 as all of the weekly actions are completed. It also shows their weekly average. They can update their dashboard quickly every day. 

New 21 Day Dashboard

Daily reminder and score

During every 21 Day Challenge participants will be reminded every day of the actions they’ve committed to. Every afternoon they receive an email which shows their actions. Along with being a great reminder, this email provides a convenient link to access their dashboard. They can also quickly access their  dashboard on this website, or from their Smartphone or Tablet. On their dashboard they simply update each of their actions to increase their score. Wednesdays an email comes showing their midweek score.