Online dashboard tracks and scores daily progress

It is our personal progress online dashboard (also an iPhone/iPad app) that makes our challenges so unique and effective. When an action is completed, the dashboard automatically increases your weekly score by percentage. Each week your score starts at 0 and moves toward 100 as you complete each action.

“It’s fun trying to score 100 points each week. This really works!” Ashlie (challenge participant)

Daily reminder and score

Every day of your 21 Day Challenge, you receive an email showing your actions. This conveniently reminds you of your actions, and gives you one-click access to your dashboard. There, you can quickly update each action to increase your score. A Wednesday email shows your midweek score.

“It makes a difference when I get that email every day reminding me to keep score on how well I’m doing… I needed that!”
Gavin (challenge participant)