Below are the actions that you will be committing to for your 21 Day Challenge. This challenge begins Monday June 12, 2017

 1. WALKwalking150Target: Walk 30 minutes a day
Walking is a gentle exercise that can ease you into a higher level of fitness and health, and is accessible to just about everybody. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther from the store.

Drinking-Water2. DRINK WATER OFTEN
Target: 6 twelve ounce glasses a day
Drink at least 6 twelve ounce glasses of water every day. Most people do not get enough water during the day to sustain a healthy functioning body.

Man comfortably sleeping in his bed3. GET YOUR SLEEP
Target: Average 7 hours of sleep per night
Research at the University of Chicago has found that having a sleep debt wreaks havoc on your metabolism, making it easier for fat to sneak onto your body.

Target: Every day
Studies show that those who eat breakfast perform better at cognitive tests and in school, or at work.

raw-food-1023x7025. EAT RAW AND/OR REAL
Target: Eat only raw and/or real food 10 of your meals per week
Natural food is “real food” and doesn’t include artificial ingredients or additives, and has more enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.

jumpingrope6. JUMP ROPE
Target: 5 Minutes every day
Jumping rope is an extremely effective workout, working just about every muscle in the body. Your core works hard since your abs have to contract to stabilize your entire body.

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