Target: 50 min. a week, minimum 5 min. per workout
Exercise for short bursts at a high intensity level (85%-100% of your maximum heart rate). Divide the 50 min. however you wish, with minimum time consisting of 5 min. per workout. read more


Target: You decide steps or minutes, and how many per week.
Walking is a gentle exercise that can ease you into a higher level of fitness and health, and is accessible to just about everybody. Walking is safe, simple and doesn’t require practice. read more

push-upsPUSH UPS
Target: Up to 100 in 5 Min. 4 days a week
Push ups are one of the basic exercises for the human body, great for your chest, defining your abs, triceps, shoulders and torso. Choose from 3 push up options. read more

jumpingropeJUMP ROPE
Target: 3-5 Minutes every day
Jumping rope is an extremely effective workout, working just about every muscle in the body. Your core works hard since your abs have to contract to stabilize your entire body. read more

Target: You decide miles/kilometers, and how many per week
Running can be a great workout to condition your body, relieve stress, relax the mind and help you shed extra pounds. Running is also beneficial in slowing the aging process. read more

sit-ups_top-exercises-absSIT UPS
Target: Up to 100 in 5 Min. 4 days a week
Some people think of sit ups as an out-of-date unsophisticated exercise that is bad for you in some way. For strong abs, however, the good-old-fashioned sit up works just fine. read more

GET TO THE GYMworking-out-at-the-gym
You decide from 1 to 7 days per week
Just because you have a gym membership doesn’t mean you get there on a regular basis. If you want to get there more consistently, this challenge action is for you! read more

Target: You decide miles/kilometers, and how many per week
Cycling builds and improves muscle function, with little risk of over exercise or strain. Cycling burns approximately 300 calories per hour. read more

Target: You decide how many minutes per week
Swimming is good exercise. Swimming is a healthy activity that can be continued for a lifetime. Swimming works practically all of the muscles in the body (if you do a variety of strokes). read more

Target: 25 min. a week, minimum 3 min. per workout
Science shows that rigorous workouts lasting as little as 3 minutes aids in preventing diabetes. Studies show that just 7 minutes of intense exercise each week helped control blood sugar. read more

RUN IN PLACErunning-in-place-2
Target: 3-5 minutes, 5 days a week
The great thing about running in place is that you can do it anywhere, allowing you to get in a quick workout and build strength. read more

Target: 5 minutes 5 days a week
Balance exercises improve your ability to respond to obstacles in your daily changing environment, including improved ability to reach, jump and control complex movements. read more

90-seconds 5 days a week
Isometric exercise is a great way to build strength and tone areas of the body when you don’t have access to equipment, or do not have much time to work out. read more

dynamic stretchingDYNAMIC STRETCHING
Target: You decide from 1 to 7 days per week
This form of stretching prepares the body for physical exertion and sports performance, increasing range of movement. read more


Target: 6 twelve ounce glasses a day
Drink at least 6 twelve ounce glasses of water every day. Most people do not get enough water during the day to sustain a healthy functioning body. read more

Target: Write down everything you eat

Evaluating what you’re actually eating can have a profound impact on your eating habits and your overall health. read more

Target: Every day
Processed or refined sugar is “empty” calories. It spikes blood sugar, and causes the body to feel instantly energized. Then, low energy and a craving for more sugar. read more

Target: Every day
Studies show that those who eat breakfast perform better at cognitive tests and in school, or at work. After fasting all night, your body (and brain) needs a fresh supply of glucose. read more

raw-food-1023x702EAT RAW AND/OR REAL
Target: Eat only raw and/or real food 10 of your meals per week
Natural food is “real food” and doesn’t include artificial ingredients or additives. Real food has more enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc., useful to your body. read more

Target: Every day
Are you addicted to bad carbohydrates, eating too much bread, rolls, crackers, pasta, etc? One way to find out is to back off or eliminate those foods for a period of time. read more

apple-cider-vinegarAPPLE CIDER VINEGAR
Target: Two tablespoons per day
Apple cider vinegar’s health benefits are real, and diabetes research is the most advanced. Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day lowers blood sugar. read more

Target: Drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day
An 18-year, 125,000-participant study (Harvard) showed that women who drank six or more cups of coffee per day reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by nearly 30%. read more

Target: Eat 2-3 ounces of nuts per day
Healthy fats in nuts can reduce diabetes risk by 21%. Protein and fats helps the body use blood sugar more effectively. read more

Target: Every day
Wheat-based foods are very disruptive to blood sugar. As a result, the pancreas will need to pump out plenty of insulin. This, in time, can lead to insulin resistance. read more

Target: You choose how many days per week
Eating fast food is not horrible, however, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of eating fast food far too often. read more

You choose how many days per week
Reducing meat consumption has benefits. The average person who eats less meat loses weight and looks healthier. read more


Man comfortably sleeping in his bedGET YOUR SLEEP
Target: Average 7 hours of sleep per night
Research at the University of Chicago has found that having a sleep debt wreaks havoc on your metabolism, making it easier for fat to sneak onto your body. read more

BD1234-001.jpgREAD A BOOK
Target: Read every day, finish a book in 21 days
Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Keeping the brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power
. read more

: Drink no alcohol 1 to 7 days a week, you decide
Alcohol can work against you and your fitness goals, as calories add up fast. Alcohol tends to be stored as fat in the abdomen. read more

No_Smoking_-_American_Cancer_Society's_Great_American_Smoke_OutSTOP SMOKING
: Cold Turkey – Stop smoking for 21 days

You can eat healthy and exercise, but it means less if you continue to smoke. Your health changes for the better when you quit. read more.

POWER NAPpower-nap2
Target: 15-30 minutes 5 days a week
A power nap of 15 minutes can improve bodily, mental, and emotional elements, improving; memory and judgment, energy level, patience, and general stress-tolerance. read more

1 to 7 days a week (You choose)
Good things happen when families eat together. And, it’s where a family builds its identity and culture. read more

date-nightDATE NIGHT
One night a week
Couples who schedule date nights into their busy lives lessen the chance of divorce and heighten marital happiness. Date nights also can increase communication in the relationship. read more

Turn off the TVTURN OFF THE TV
Target: You decide how many hours to per week
Choose how many hours you want to turn the TV off per week. Average U.S. adult watches more than 4 hours of TV a day. read more

Target: You decide how many minutes to average per week

Are you taking time every day to stop, get away from the TV, computer and phone, and give thanks? Are you taking time to relax and think? read more

Target: One night a week
One of the most productive things you can do to assure togetherness as a family is to adopt the practice of setting aside one night each week just for family. read more

take-a-hikeTAKE A HIKE
Target: You decide how many minutes to hike per week
Taking walks together is not only good for your hearts and body’s, but great for your emotional stability. read more

Teach-a-Child-to-ReadREAD TO YOUR CHILDREN
Target: You decide how many hours to read per week
Although the life of a parent is often stressful and hectic, you should try to read with your child at least once a day at a regularly scheduled time. Make it a priority! read more

man And dogWALK YOUR DOG
Target: Walk your dog every day
Dogs are great personal trainers—loyal, hardworking, energetic and enthusiastic. Lose your excuse to forego exercising. read more

Target: 2 hours a week, completing in 21 days
Kids love to make things. Building projects are fun and help kids learn new skills and gain a feeling of accomplishment. read more

Remember, you can also create your own actions, whatever you want them to be!