What is involved in setting up and taking a group challenge?

How a challenge works – both for the client setting up the challenge, and those participating in the challenge – are detailed in 4 brief videos on the tutorial page.

How much does a group challenge cost?

Pricing is fixed at $3.00 per participant for groups up to 25 people. For groups of more than 25 the price can be reduced based on group size and other variables.

What is so magic about 21 days?

Many years ago a surgeon developed a theory that 21 days played a key role in habit formation, based on his work rehabilitating amputees. There is a very interesting history, and science, behind why 21 days may be significant when it comes to forming a new habit.

Can a challenge be shorter or longer than 21 days?

Yes. Though 21 days is the most popular and most often used number, we realize that for certain objectives a shorter or longer challenge may be beneficial. For example; a 7-day detox/cleanse challenge, or a 35-day maintain through the holidays challenge, etc.

Will you help us create the actions for our challenge?

Yes, and we are experts at doing so! You may choose any of our actions, or create your own. You may also poll your participants to discover which actions they prefer. Our online choose or create your actions form makes it quick and simple.

Can actions be weighted to put more/less emphasis on each?

Yes, you can designate “L” (low), “M” (medium), or “H” (high) for each action. Your scoring dashboard will then weigh each action completed to its assigned designation and automatically average the weekly score accordingly.

Why are challenges limited to only 7 actions?

Based on our research and experience, it is best to limit the number of actions to no more than 7. When trying to stay on task with life changing actions, it’s best not to be overly ambitious. Too many actions can divide one’s attention making it harder to focus. Science has proven that in the brain 7 is a magic number.

Why is it better to start a challenge on Monday?

You may begin your challenge on any day of the week. However, the app that tracks and scores progress on the online dashboard resets back to zero every Sunday night at midnight. Starting on a Monday makes it easier to track progress scores over 3-weeks.

What do participants do when beginning a challenge?

To learn exactly what’s involved for challenge participants, view Day 1 instructional video.

What is the origin of the 21 day fitness challenge?

The 21 Day Fitness Challenge© was developed by Dave Hubbard, America’s Fitness Coach®, in order to help people actualize the principals he has taught for over 30 years. Dave’s goal is to help people develop healthy habits they’ll stick with for the rest of their life.