Set up a group challenge

Set up a 21 Day Group Challenge, and make exercise, diet, and other healthy lifestyle behaviors, habits for life. Our group challenges are easy to set up and allow participants to track and score their progress daily.

First, you decide what actions you want for your challenge. You may choose from any of our actions, in the categories of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle, or you can choose your own actions.

Actions can be anything, such as…

  • Taking 10-minute breaks at work to relax and think
  • Drinking more water
  • Reading to your children every night

Once you have selected your actions, we build your custom signup webpage, where your participants can learn about the actions for their challenge and sign up.

We then launch your challenge and you’re on your way.

During your challenge, participants can login to their personal online dashboard, where they can quickly score and track their progress. It’s simple, and fun.

Let us help you set up a group challenge, where you’re only 21 days away from a better life, at work, and at home.