Quote markThank you for the web page. Looks good! The challenge is great! Thank you for your help. –Greg Shilo, Step into Life Heidelberg, New Zealand

Doing a 21 day challenge is as easy as 1-2-3. Setting up a challenge involves you choosing from 1 to 7 actions. An action consists of — what to do or not do — a  Target: how often, or how many days, minutes, miles, etc. per week you want the action performed — and, a description: a brief statement explaining the action.

Over the years we have created many actions that you can choose to use, in the categories of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. Or, you may create your own actions, whatever you want them to be. When you’re ready to select our actions and/or create your own, we give you a simple online form, making it quick and easy. Once we have your actions, and your start dates, we set up your dashboard, and your custom webpage where your participants can go to see the actions they will be committing to. for their challenge.

On the day your challenge begins the Take the Challenge button will be live. When they click on that button they can enter their name, email address and set their password. Doing so takes them immediately to their personal dashboard. They will also receive a Welcome email, giving them important new user information. Then, every afternoon, throughout the challenge participants receive an email every day of the challenge, showing their actions, and giving them one-click access to their dashboard. There, they can quickly and easily score and track their progress with the challenge.