Because isometric exercises (using your own body weight or force as resistance) can be easily adjusted to a person’s specific needs, they work well with participants of any age and fitness level. Unlike more strenuous types of exercise, these workouts allow participants to work within their own level of intensity, without putting undue strain on any muscle group or body system.

Isometric exercise works by pitting your muscles either against themselves or an unmovable object.  Picture pressing your palms together in front of your body. Your brain activates some muscle fibers in order to move both arms. However, as the arms are pitted evenly against each other no movement occurs. Your brain then activates more and more muscle fibers in an effort to move your arms. However, your arms still do not move. Your brain, having no idea that you’re forcing your arms against each other, desperately trying to lift what it thinks must be incredibly heavy, activates all of the muscles fivers it can within seconds. This is why it’s possible − doing isometrics − to work every muscle fiber within your arm within seconds, whereas it takes many repetitions with traditional exercise.

View 90-second isometric workout video

Benefits of Doing Isometric Exercise

Works for Any Age and Fitness Level • Low Risk • Increases Blood Flow • Can be Done Anywhere • Increases Static Muscle Strength