The group consisted of 16 men in their early twenties. The study volunteers, who were relatively out of shape but otherwise healthy, rode an exercise bike four times daily in 30 second spurts two days a week.

After two weeks, the young men had a 23 percent improvement in how effectively their body used insulin to clear glucose, or blood sugar, from the blood stream.

The idea is to exercise for short bursts at a high intensity level (85%-100% of your maximum heart rate). Your goal is to do a total of 30 minutes per week. Divide up the 25 minutes however you wish with your minimum time consisting of 3 minutes, and maximum time of 5 minutes per workout.

These short burst intense workouts can involve Burst Training or Intervals, or include “cardio” related, exercises such as: sprinting; spinning; elliptical; step/stair machine, etc.. Or, it can be more strength related, such as: weights; bands; resistance equipment; isometrics; body-weight resistance (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) Each exercises done with minimal rest between sets. If you are working out with sufficient intensity you will not be able to do so for an extended period of time.