Running can be a great workout to condition your body, relieve stress, and relax the mind. Running can also help you shed extra pounds, strengthen your body muscles, and keep you in shape. Research shows that running burns an average of 100 calories per each mile, and has proved to be beneficial in slowing the aging process. Running promotes human growth hormone which helps you stay young, and can reduce the risk of heart attacks, by strengthening the heart, lowering blood pressure and maintaining the elasticity of arteries. Regular running raises HDL (good) cholesterol, reduces the risk of blood clots and encourages use of the 50% of your lungs that usually go unused, and has positive effects on the immune system, creating a higher concentration of lymphocytes in the blood.

Psychological Benefits of Running

  • Running has a positive effect on the mind, building confidence, empowerment, and freedom
  • Running reduces body weight and helps you build a better self-image
  • Running relieves stress by releasing endorphins that creates a positive outlook
  • Running is used to treat clinical depression and addictions of all kinds
  • Running gets your mind working fast, helping you to become more focused and determined