An Action consists of:

  1. A brief statement of what to do, or not do (30 character max)
  2. A Target: how often, or how many days, minutes, miles, etc. per week (60 character max)
  3. A Description: brief sentence or two explaining the action (180 character max)

REMEMBER: Your participants do not choose their own actions. All participants do the actions YOU choose! If you would like to poll your participants to find out which actions would be most popular, we’re happy to set that up for you at no charge.

Action examples:

  • WALK – Target: 30,000 steps per week
  • GET YOUR SLEEP – Target: Average 7 hours of sleep per night
  • JOURNAL YOUR EATING – Target: Write down all that you eat, 7 days a week
  • ALCOHOL – Target: Drink no alcohol 3 days a week

Choosing our actions: To view our actions CLICK HERE. On the form below you will be able to select any of those actions for your challenge.

If you are creating your own actions, you may also choose to include an additional page with educational information including hyperlinks (max. 2 per action) for each action. This information appears on a separate webpage when the photo or “read more” associated with an action is clicked. If creating your own actions, you must provide us with the extra-page content in a word document.

Creating your own actions: When filling out the form below, simply give us a general idea of what you what each action to be. Once your actions are set we will provide photos for each. You will have final signoff on everything before your signup webpage goes live!

Minimum requirements for deliverables

All content that we need to set up your challenge must be to us 2 days before your chosen go-live date, or 5 days if including additional educational information webpages (allowing you time to review). On the date that your challenge begins, the Take the Challenge button on your page we will be live, allowing participants to sign up and connect to their dashboard.

explaination pointIMPORTANT NOTE: You may only choose a maximum of 7-Actions for a challenge