Terms of Service Agreement

This terms of service agreement, for a 21 Day Group Challenge, is between America’s Fitness Coach LLC, DBA 21 Day Fitness Challenge (Provider), and the company, organization or group signing up for a challenge (Client). The following describes the obligations of both the Provider and the Client with this agreement:

Client Obligations

  1. Provide key contact person, contact information, name of challenge, number of actions (7 max), and date for challenge to begin.
  2. Either choose actions provided by Provider, or create actions and submit the content defining each action, including for each: a brief statement of what to do, or not do; the Target: how often, or how many days, minutes, miles, etc. per week, and a brief sentence or two describing each action.
  3. [Optional] Provide content and hyperlinks in a word document for additional educational information webpages for actions not selected from Provider.
  4. All content mentioned above must be to the Provider 2 days before the clients webpage(s) go-live date, or 5 days if including additional educational information webpages.
  5. For clients using the Enterprise Program, all logos, pictures, links, text, and color choices, must be to the Provider 5 days before the first day of the clients challenge start date, unless the client has the technical expertise to accomplish.

Provider Obligations

  1. Assist Client in developing Actions, if requested, including educational information pages.
  2. Produce customized webpage(s), a minimum of 2 days before the Clients challenge webpage is scheduled to go-live. Clients webpage(s) will show the actions, targets, and educational content developed, allowing challenge participants to review their challenge actions before their start date.
  3. Set up Clients challenge actions in the 21 Day Challenge online scoring and tracking system.
  4. On the challenge start date, make Take the Challenge button live on Clients webpage, allowing participants to sign up for the challenge and connect to their personal dashboard.
  5. Send an email daily to each participant showing the actions of the challenge, with a direct link to their personal dashboard for easy scoring.
  6. Produce a weekly CSV report showing individual scores, and team scores if applicable, from the previous week.
  7. Customize the daily emails template, including; logos, text, ads, links, branding, etc., for clients using the Enterprise Program.
  8. Provide support leading up to and during the 21 days of the challenge.
  9. Satisfaction guarantee

Payment for Services Rendered

Client shall choose one of the optional pricing plans. For the BASIC, BASIC + or PREMIER plan, the client will be invoiced for the total amount one week after the challenge begins. Provider shall pay for services rendered within 10 calendar days following the date the client receives the invoice. Should the Client fail to pay the Provider the full amount specified in any invoice within 10 calendar days of the invoice date, a late fee equal to $100.00 shall be added to the amount due and interest of 5% per annum shall accrue from the calendar day following the invoice date.

Additional Services

  • Motivational and educational Webinar conducted by Dave Hubbard for challenge participants of the Client. Cost: $150.00

This Terms of Service Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the County of COBB in the State of Georgia and any applicable Federal law. Should Client request this document to be sent as a PDF, and signed by both parties, rather than agreed to online, one will be provided.