Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, “Let natural forces be the healers of disease. Let food be your medicine.” Most people (especially those overweight) are malnourished. They eat empty calories, only to find themselves hungry again. This is because their body is crying out for real food! Do you realize you have an appestat? It is an organ located in the base of your brain. The appestat is responsible for your appetite. It constantly monitors the blood stream for nutrients. When they are not present it signals hunger. The body is tricked into thinking it needs more food, when it’s actually crying out for nutrients.

Food is simply fuel for the body. If you put the wrong type of fuel in your car it will not run properly. It will stall and eventually wear out sooner than it should. It’s the same with the body. Once food is broken down into its basic components (glucose, amino acids and fatty acids), and sent into the blood stream, it has a more powerful impact on your body, and your health, than any drug your doctor could ever prescribe.

Do you need to change your diet? Are you really aware of what you are eating every day? The best way to seriously evaluate whether you are eating healthy food is to write down everything you eat, every day, for several weeks − in this case three weeks, or 21 days.

A quick way to do this, taking the hassle out of pulling out a piece of paper and writing down what you’ve just eaten after a meal, is to take a picture (most have a camera now on their cell phone) of your plate before you start eating. Then, you can go through the pictures later and write down each food item. You can also use this great app (Apple or Android) to learn more about the food you eat.